Rep. Proud: Make abortion seekers witness procedure

Terry Proud just got the issue of “right wing extremist monthly” but it must have sat in her mailbox a couple weeks because most conservatives are beginning to distance themselves from this wave of radical legislation.

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Tuesdays real loser, The Tea Party.

As I mentioned before, the framers of the constitution were hardly seeking a system of direct representation (although Madison changed his tune as wisdom came with age) because they feared the large, uneducated, group of potential voters that might jeopardize their interests. This mindset might be preventing the GOP…

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Possible brokered convention? Super-delegates to the rescue!

The role of the super-delegate might be more important this year for the GOP. The possibility of a brokered convention is looking less likely, and it is these independent delegates that are helping to make sure the convention runs smoothly.  The commitment breakdown of these super-delegates is seen below,

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Democrats Fall in Love, Republicans Fall in Line

John Kerry 2004.  It’s a painful set of words for democrats to remember but a lesson we are wise not to forget. The 2004 race, to the liberal, was largely a hope of vindication for what was perceived as the illegitimate presidency given to Bush 43 in 2000 when he failed to receive the popular vote.

Instead of running on the positive idealism of liberal thought, we ran on the sole notion that we must

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Conservatives fooled again (at least in Florida)!!

I remember telling one of my conservative friends in 08′ that he should really consider “voting for McCain in the GOP primary because this year a conservative like Huckabee wasn’t going to win” with all the anti-bush backlash.  Here we are in 2012, all the liberals that you hate are telling you who to vote for again and the establishment republicans are helping us.  Maybe not as directly as you think but we do participate in the national polls and indirectly determine your candidates electability.  The best part is you’ve driven Romney so far to the right his poll numbers against Obama in the last few days are dropping.  The longer this battle draws out (thank you for the commitment to drag it to the convention Newt!), the more Romney will have to keep up the conservative rhetoric.  The more conservative the rhetoric, the more independents the President will attract.

If you can’t complete a sentence point a finger.

The only thing President Obama could be blamed for is taking Janet Napolitano from Arizona and leaving us with this incompetent woman. In a state where one county (Maricopa) surrounding Phoenix often decides elections in a sun-baked, half-witted, conservative fashion, the politically educated people of Arizona are again expressing our sympathies to the country. She has upstaged her recent flub of firing the chair of the Arizona redistricting commitee (who was rehired after Jan Brewer failed to understand the firing process). If you want to enjoy the good part of Arizona, stay south of Phoenix and support the good people in the liberal districts of our state.

Over 200,000 Floridians already voted early. Will it help Romney?

There has been a decent amount of  discussion these last few days about the impact early voting might have on the GOP primary this saturday with just over 200,000 votes already cast.  Many of the votes started to come in around the same time Romney was polling near 40%.  So we are talking about 80,000 or so votes?  The Florida GOP primary in 2008 garnered more than 1.3 million voters with John McCain receiving over 700,000 of those.  So why the buzz?  Personally I can only see this helping Romney if he digs into the lead Newt has substantially. In other words, don’t worry democrats it’s still looking like they’ll vote Newt for now and that’s a “historic fact” ha ha.

Cartoon(ist) of the Week – David Horsey of the L.A. Times

Under The LobsterScope

Sorry this didn’t get up yesterday, but Elly and I went down to Frederick to catch The Artist. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it highly… a beautiful and funny film.

Anyway, this week I’ve decided to do something I haven’t done in a while, and that is to focus on one editorial cartoonist – David Horsey.

David Horsey in the L. A. Times

The horror show…

– and –

Now I understand primaries…

– and –

It’s the economy, stupid!

– and –

Mitt loves to fire people…

– and –

He still doesn’t see what it takes…

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